Grooming Appointments

Get Your Pooch Groomed

Bring in your pooch for an unbelievably low grooming rate (bath only grooms are not discounted) from one of our student groomers at our fabulous Dog Groomer Training Academy

Bath & Haircut Service Include:

  • Bath with Massage; Nails Cut & Filed; Face Trimmed; Sanitary Trim;
  • Pads Trimmed; Ears Cleaned & Hair Removed; Thorough Brushing & Comb-Out;
  • Standard Breed Clip & Scissor Finish; Hand Fluff-Dry;
  • Signature Fragrance; Bandana/Bow.

Grooming services are performed exclusively by student groomers, which is why the cost is significantly less than using a professional, experienced Dog Groomer.  Therefore, all student grooming clients are required to sign a waiver.  Since our students are learning full doggie haircuts, discounted grooming is for full bath and haircut grooming sessions

Breed Price List

Airedale or Welsh Terrier: $42
American Eskimo (Toy or Mini):  $36
Australian Shepherd:  $48
Australian Terrier: $33
Bichon Frise: $33
Border Collie : $42
Brittany Spaniel:  $39
Cairn Terrier:  $36
Cavalier:  $33
Cavapoo:  $36
Chihuahua, Long haired: $33
Cockapoo $39
Cocker Spaniel $39
Corgi $36 (FURminator Treatment; No Clipping)
Dachshund, Long/Wire haired:  $33
Doodles (any kind under 90lbs):  $48 (91-100lbs $54-$78)
Flat Coat Retriever: $42
German Shepherd (under 90lbs): $48
(91-100lbs $54-$78) (FURminator Treatment)
Golden Retriever (under 90lbs):  $48
(91-100lbs $54-$78)( FURminator Treatment)
Havanese:  $33
Jack Russell Terrier (rough) $33
Labrador Retriever:  $42 (FURminator Treatment; No Clipping)
Lhasa Apso:  $33
Lhasapoo:  $36
Maltese:  $33
Maltipoo:  $36
Morkie:  $36
Papillon:  $33
Pekingese:  $33
Pomeranian:  $33
Poodle (mini or toy):  $39; Poodle (Standard): $48
Portuguese Water Dog:  $48
Schnauzer (mini): $39 (Standard): $48
Scottish Terrier:  $39
Shetland Sheepdog:  $48
Shih Tzu: $33
Siberian Husky: $48 (FURminator Treatment)
West Highland White Terrier:  $33
Wheaten Terrier:  $48
Wire Fox Terrier:  $33
Yorkiepoo:  $36
Yorkshire Terrier:  $33

Cancellations and No-Shows Information

Because we are a school, cancellations and no-shows leave a student without a dog to work on during class.  We assign each student a dog every day.  Once you make an appointment, we respectfully request that you keep the appointment,  However; in case of emergency, please be considerate and call in any cancellations at least 24 business hours in advance or a cancellation fee of $35 per dog scheduled will be billed.  Business hours are defined as Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.

Discounted Grooming Hours Information

Discounted student grooming is available:

  • Monday – Friday – Drop-off @ 10:30am, pick-up @ 2:30pm, when in session.  Please click on class dates (top right corner) to see if class in currently in session.

PLEASE NOTE: Any pet not retrieved by 2:30pm Mon-Fri, will be subjected to a waiting fee, which is $25 for every fifteen minutes past assigned pick-up time and $50 for every fifteen minutes past closing time, which is 3pm. Your dog will not be ready early. If you cannot pick-up at 2:30pm Mon-Fri, and need your dog earlier or later, please choose another day.

Health and Safety Policy

For the safety of all animals, staff and visitors to our salon, we require that all vaccinations be up-to-date.  Puppy clients must be current on all puppy vaccinations. Adult dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Please bring copies of Rabies Certs. & shot records for our file.  We cannot provide services to clients without shot records.


We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  We do not accept personal checks.  6% sales tax will be added to your invoice.  There are no refunds or store credit for any dog grooming services.  All sales are final.


Parasites Policy

Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania strives to be a flea-free establishment.  Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania requires flea/tick treatment from April – November to enter our school. If your pet has a flea infestation, we will return your dog and we will be unable to reschedule another student grooming appointment.  Pets with a flea infestation carry a risk of anemia, infections, tapeworms and other health problems. We recommend that you contact your veterinarian for advice on the best treatment for your situation. A topical monthly flea preventative, such as Frontline or Advantix is an extremely effective choice.

Dog Grooming School of PA

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Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and we are proud members of National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.

Next Session Starts July 15th.  DEADLINE FOR ENROLLMENT IS JUNE 21ST!